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NEW ALBUM RELEASE: Student-teacher collaborative jazz project that is award-winning!

An exhilarating collaboration between professors and students that explores great American jazz standards with a new sound & approach. Virtuosity, sensitivity, finesse, and respect are the ingredients to each song. This is a testament to the power of cultivating students' creative identity and artistry through the compassionate training of two professors (José & Shawn), ultimately, creating a piece of art that transcends the status quo and celebrates the unity in the midst of diversity that is postulated within the American jazz and bebop transitions. The outstanding student virtuosos include Japheth Varlack on bass guitar & Robert Acevedo Jr. on drums, percussion, and mixing engineer. Guest appearances by Hannah Price expressing herself on "Cherokee" with her sultry voice and Tim Ferguson playing his heartfelt soprano saxophone on "Blue Bossa." Additional music producers include Nickolas Tomasello and Matt Zalusky. Bruno Miranda assisted with audio engineering processes. We hope you enjoy!

Fiery Latin Jazz Album with a message!!!

Acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, educator, & composer, José Valentino, returns to the recording studio to document a set of nine original compositions & two arrangements with the impetus to create a musical manifesto encouraging Latinos around the world to embrace, celebrate, and showcase the richness and beauty of their cultures; hence the title, "Ahora Más Que Nunca." There is much to celebrate about being a Latino, especially when residing in the United States of America. "Ahora Más Que Nunca" (Now More Than Ever) encourages Latinos to flaunt their God-given strengths, talents, competencies, and artistic expressions, as well as their love towards others in order to tear down any cultural misconceptions that would otherwise impede the unification of our nation.

All in all, this album is sure to entice Latin jazz music lovers to reminisce, dance, laugh, cry, and celebrate. "Ahora Más Que Nunca" has music for everyone. Valentino carefully selected four musicians - three percussionists and one flutist [i.e., Benny Maldonado, Robert Acevedo Jr., Jim Walker, & Jesse Pitts] - to guest solo throughout the album - due to their profound friendships cultivated over the years; friendships that began as mentor-to-mentee relationships. Flute and percussion solos prevail throughout the album purposefully to represent the indicators of human life - heartbeat (percussion) and breathe (flutes). It is an album that celebrates the history, currency, and future of the genre of Latin jazz, as well as the people and cultures that have made it to be what it is today.

I Make You Wanna Move.png

Latin GRAMMY® Nominated for Best Latin Jazz Album of The Year in 2015

On "I Make You Want To Move", Jose Valentino explores a diverse selection of music styles from Latin America and Middle East fused with funk and jazz elements. Jose displays his artistry on flute, saxophone, bass, keyboards, and vocals. Additional guest appearance by Giovanni Hidalgo, who is considered arguably the greatest percussionist of our generation. The listener will take a sonic journey through Spanish Flamenco, Argentinian Tango, Cuban Son and Timba, West African Drumming, and more! The rhythms are contagious and will put you to dance. Passionate performances and improvisations are given by all the ensemble members of the band! This is music for all occasions!

Latin GRAMMY® Nominated for Best Instrumental Album of The Year in 2016

Co-produced and engineered (mastering) by José, the best word to describe the sounds of Mosaic is “organic”. "Mosaico" contains a wide-ranging selection of Latin Jazz music. Bruno Miranda is a Brazilian-born pianist, composer and musical director who, in this project, display his extraordinary musicianship alongside an elite selection of World-Class musicians and friends. Special guest appearances by Alex Acuña, Dave Cleveland, Jessie Caraballo and José Valentino!


Children' Album wins Parents' Choice GOLD Award®

Mundo Verde/Green World, the follow-up to Mister G’s Latin GRAMMY Award-winning album, Los Animales, is a collection of inspiring bilingual songs intended to unite people of all ages and ethnicities in support of global conservation and action. Mister G debuted the songs from Mundo Verde/Green World at the National Climate March in Washington, DC to kick off an extensive US tour. José served as an assistant recording engineer and flutist for the song, "Patas En El Aire/Paws In The Air."

The album features collaborations with major figures in the Latin music scene, including the Santo Domingo-based merengue superstars 440, performing an eclectic range of styles, from bomba and samba to reggae and bossa nova. The songs breathe life into the global environmental message from various angles that are accessible and relevant to both children and adults.

We Are One.png

Ground Breaking World-Fusion Jazz album with legendary flutist.

In 2013, Jim became intrigued with the vast richness of diversity existing among Latin American cultures and the unity that is present among them. His acquisition of learning about the plethora of folkloric rhythms and stylistic variances of flute playing in Latin-based genres ignited a burning passion to embark on a musical project that would (1) portray the beauty, diversity, and unity of Latin American cultures; (2) display the integration of Latin cultures with other cultural regions (i.e. U.S.A., Middle East, Ireland, West African), and; (3) expand the repertoire of flute music to provide opportunity for Classical flutists to learn and appreciate flute music in ethno-musical contexts. To make this project a reality, Jim Walker teamed up with Puerto Rican composer/producer/flutist, José Valentino, to create 15 exciting cross-cultural compositions that encompasses a musical celebration of 20+ cultures from around the world supplemented with the technical demand of Classical music, rhythmic prowess of Afro-Latin American drumming, improvisational spirit of Jazz music, tinges of Middle Eastern, Irish, and Chinese musical phrasings, and the enthusiasm of two generations colliding as one spirit! Thus, the project was completed in 2016 and appropriately entitled: "We Are One: An Exploration of Latin American Music."

New Singer-songwriter album with Gualo & José Valentino!

Contagious grooves and funky bass lines. Swinging guitars and expressive blues solos. A formulated blend of uncommon beatboxing with live drums and percussion. A humorous yet deep, bold and blunt message delivered by aggressive yet intimate rhythmic vocals. The organic feel and energy of live horns, brass and woodwinds complemented by the inevitable touch of live violins. These are but a few elements that compose Gualo's debut production and creative endeavor, "The Other Side Of Love Songs".

A Walk With God.png

Contemporary Jazz Album with a twist!

"A Walk With God" showcases Dr. Jose Valentino (flute, saxophone, solo bass, and percussion) performing 11 original & arranged instrumental pieces that synchronize Latin genres, funky- fiery improvisations, passionate ballad performances, and heartfelt grooves with the Gospel message of hope and love. There is something to be said about the phenomenological power of instrumental music and its ability to penetrate listeners' souls to communicate messages of faith, hope, and love. It's organic, spontaneous, bold, daring, honest, and challenging. For these reasons, José sought to release an instrumental album that possesses those attributes for listeners, and to document the interactive, improvisational dynamic that occurs between musicians when performing together. It is José's hope that listeners walk away feeling empowered, revitalized, and encouraged to pursue their lives with the utmost integrity and compassion for others, as reflected through the life of Jesus Christ in the music.

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A New Approach to a Jazz Trio Album!!!

"Chapter II" is a contemporary jazz album that explores the musical stylings of three acclaimed instrumentalists - Bruno Miranda (piano), José Valentino (bass & flute), and Jesse Pitts (drums). The album contains joyful and reverent vibes throughout using funk, smooth jazz, Latin grooves, and film score music to convey the emotions.

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Sounds of Instrumental Christian music.

"His Presence" is an instrumental worship album where José Valentino and Bruno Miranda interpret some of the most famous hymns and popular worship tunes of today. The whole album features the sultry sounds of José's flute and Bruno's piano playing. Bruno Miranda is a former musical director for Dove Award-winning recording artist, Ron Kenoly.

Soul Speaks.png

A one-of-a-kind Bass Guitar album that won numerous DownBeat Student Music Awards!

Latin-GRAMMY nominated artist, Jose Valentino switches musical hats for this project as his main instrument for expression is not the flute or saxophone, rather, the bass guitar and upright bass.

Within eleven features, the album consists of five solo bass performances (i.e. "Time Is Of The Essence", "The Message", J.S. Bach's "Cello Suite No.1 in G", "Soul Speaks", and "Song For Papi"), four multi-layered performances (i.e. "Pure Love", John Newton's "Amazing Grace", "Afrika Yangu Nzuri", and Miles Davis's "Nardis"), one over-dubbed performance with Jose on upright baby bass and alto flute (i.e. "Father and Son"), and one produced track featuring poly-rhythmic thumping/slapping techniques (i.e. "Metamorphosis"). The overall concept of the album is to demonstrate music as the most powerful medium of expression for communicating human experiences. Feelings of love, hurt, passion, anger, peace, compassion, nostalgia, creativity, and curiosity were expressed through the touch of four resonating strings in such a way that it facilitated Jose's soul to speak of his life experiences without the use of words. Hence, "Soul Speaks."

Jazz/Funk Fusion album that garnered NINE DownBeat Awards including Best Jazz Group!

"A Traveler's Journey" is a musical diary of Jose Valentino's experience as a missionary in various countries around the world. These experiences have refined Jose as a human being and as an artist. The album is designed to take the listener to a sonic journey through different parts of the world and different time periods. All of the compositions are original. Musical styles mesh together with decorated lavish improvisations and interactive play between Jose and Jesse Pitts (Drums). The entire album was produced by three individuals - Jose Valentino Ruiz, Tito Ruiz (Father and Mentor), and Jesse Pitts. Every song portrays a unique moment in Jose's life whether it be joy, reverence, nostalgia, confidence, love, and so forth.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Jose used his gifts on flute, saxophone, bass, piano, keyboards, marimba, percussion, and vocals to create the compositions. Jesse Pitts's drumming was the perfect ingredient that took the compositions to another level of intentionality and human expression. Johnathan Hulett's beautiful drumming is featured on two songs ("A Deeper Kind Of Love" and "XXIII Century"). Overall, the impetus for the album is to have a representative work of art that honors the innovation of the past and present while creating a new standard for the future. Being a lover of many types of music from various eras and parts of the world, the compositions are a synchrony of World musics, Funk-Fusion, Straight-Ahead Jazz, and Odd Meter Grooves. Jose and Jesse are honored to present this album to the world and hope they are blessed, inspired, and impacted at seen and unseen levels.

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DownBeat Award Winning Straight-ahead Jazz album including Best Jazz Soloist!

In this album, "Remembering", Jose Valentino and Jesse Pitts sought out to celebrate jazz music from various eras that have been integral to their personal artistic development and American culture. Six original compositions and four arrangements were compiled to create a 'set' of 42 minutes that aspires to transport listeners through a multi-dimensional music experience by pouring out their heart in the traditions of the past, present, while offering new compositional/improvisational approaches for future generations of musicians. The entire album was performed by these two young lions of jazz in both trio and quartet formats. Jose challenged his musical awareness, sensitivity, and musicianship further by recording bass first on several tunes with Jesse on drums, all while imagining the piano and flute parts to add afterwards. Some of the compositions were constructed first with Jesse improvising on the drums, then Jose adding harmony on the piano, followed by the bass and then the flute. To maintain sonic interest for the album, Jesse alternated between drum sticks, mallets, brushes, and auxiliary percussion depending on the tune's context. Jose opted out from performing on the saxophone for this album, rather, performed tasteful improvisations inspired by saxophonists Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, and Michael Brecker.

Before proceeding to record, Jose and Jesse spent time discussing iconic figures of jazz and their contributions to the art form, musical approaches, history, and other essences that would serve as inspiration for their compositions, arrangements, and performances. Thus, it was most fitting to call the album, "Remembering." Though it is important to bring forth newfangled ideas as these two artist displayed in their freshman album, "A Traveler's Journey", Jose and Jesse hope to encourage musicians and listeners to revisit the history of their respective cultures and its celebrated art forms. They believe the act of remembering will allow musicians to refresh their minds, to analyze their paths, and to give clarity to their future. It can be subsumed that the beauty of jazz music provides listeners with demonstrations of applicable truths that propel the advancement of humans as long as they have a foundational understanding of their history and aspire to work together for a purpose greater than one single individual.

The Jazz Piano Album!

"Expressions: The Jazz Piano Album" invites listeners to witness José Valentino's audacity, gallantry, and passion on the piano. This album illuminates one of the most unique aspects of José's musicianship as he performs the piano in an illusive approach resembling a dialogue between two pianists putting an equal emphasis on both hands. The album contains both original compositions and arrangements performed in a manner that was inspired by the genius of the following pianist who served as inspiration: Liszt's for his prowess, Art Tatum for his lyrical playing, Bill Evans for his harmonic pallet, Oscar Peterson for his technical fluidity, Michel Camilo and Danilo Perez for their rhythmical approach, and Elian Elias for her sensitivity. Each track displays lavish improvisations that attempts to evoke the essence of the past, present, and offers novel ideas for the future generation of jazz musicians.

Zohet- Feliche Del Valle, Giovanni Pérez, & José Valentino Ruiz.png

ZOHET: Three virtuosos unite!!!

"Wind of Revelation" is a different approach with compositions of traditional hymns, songs of contemporary adoration, and originals in an atmosphere of acoustic music with ethnic rhythms. The musicians of this project pour their hearts through their instruments in a vibrant way with arrangements that capture the essence of the folk traditions of the Latin, African, and Native American cultures. Zohet has three Puerto Rican musicians: Feliche Del Valle (guitar, arranger, composer), Giovanni Pérez (flute, producer), and José Valentino (producer, saxophone, bass, voice and percussion). The three members have a solid foundation in multiple musical traditions (ie, classical music, Latin, ethnic and jazz). Zohet's music contains rich harmonic contrasts and colors, ascending melodic lines, lyrical improvisations and powerful poly-rhythmic textures. The classical pianist, Mina Mijovic participates in the track titled
"Wind of Revelation." This album promises to give listeners a smile and a joy that fills the spirit.

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Fresh Smooth Jazz Album with a powerful vocalist and multi-instrumentalist!

"My Heart" is an album produced by José Valentino that features his former student, Jay Newsome and his extraordinary abilities as a saxophonist, keyboardist, bassist, and bass vocalist. Jay Newsome was a member of the nationally acclaimed vocal group, Voices of Lee and has toured the nation singing making many televised appearances.

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