José Valentino

Performer | Professor | Composer | Producer | Scholar | Minister

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Stay connected with José's journey by joining his various social media pages. There you can find more videos, photos, and news updates on exciting things that occur everyday for José: music productions, highlighted performances, travels, teaching at Lee University, conference speaking, mission work, and so forth!


Thank You for checking out my page!

It is a joy to share with you my passions, ideas, trajectory, and journey as a performing & recording artist, as a producer & engineer, and as an educator & minister. I encourage you to visit my social media links (located above) as well as other links that are associated to my work. Feel free to communicate with me anytime; I will be elated to speak with you. For now, may you embrace your identity, purpose, and role in this world. Go forth and do something amazing and include others along the way. Make the world a better place with your gifts and talents. . . and remember to love.

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