Behind The Scenes

Take an inside look behind the scenes of José Valentino!


Who is José Valentino?

Short profile video of José's work as a recording artist, producer, and professor.


IN the studio teaching recording arts

In the studio recording, mixing, and producing a Bollywood track with a student of mine, Victor Johnson at Lee University. Saxophone recorded by José Valentino.


Recording Legend Percussionist, Jessie Romero

A clip of recording Latin Grammy Nominated engineer and percussionist, Jessie Romero for the "Saxy Hip Hop Sessions" video series sponsored by Trevor James Saxophones Co. He is a 'one-take wonder.'


Practicing with Legendary flutist, Jim Walker

Jim Walker (700+ films, former LA Philharmonic Principal flutist) and José Valentino practicing for a concert. Original tango composition by José Valentino.


Recording at home: flute & guitar

At home, recording folkloric music from Puerto Rico with Dr. Octavio Cosme, MD.


Teaching & recording student's new album

In the Lee University School of Music media lab working with a student on producing his new latin jazz album.


Mission trip to Liberia, Africa

In the summer of 2017, Joseé went on a mission trip to Liberia to teach music, cultivate intrinsic motivation within youth, and help rennovate an orphanage-school.


Recording student's Album project 

A clip of students in José's office where they are recording Jay Newsome's Album, "My Heart." Now available on iTunes.


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