Leadership Philosophy


"Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.


Philippians 2:3


Statement of Leadership Philosophy . . .

Inclusion, mentorship, encouragement, and service are central to my philosophy of leadership. During my career in academia and music & entertainment industry, I have worked in numerous positions that required me to engage in these principles within the work place. The blossoming of ideas, of a program, and of colleagues’ potentials are manifested and greatly increased when a leader chooses to be quick to listen and slow to speak. Perseverance and indefatigability run through my veins. 

Shared governance style is my preference. Organizational hierarchy is something I understand and respect. My leadership style varies depending on the situation. 

In times of prosperity, I tend to back off and do what I like best which is to lead by example. As a solutionist, I empower peers to propose solutions to arising conflicts and challenges that need attention. I believe that hearing out solution proposals from many colleagues refine my decision of execution and amelioration of the work setting and its mission. If you have a great idea, please share it! I believe colleagues within a vocational setting possess unique skill sets that, if nurtured, can benefit the overall well being of the work place. Under a crisis, I seek council from centered mentors who have handled comparative situations with fairness, integrity, decisiveness, truthfulness, and order. It is my aim to be a just leader.

In times of confusion, I am not afraid to be vulnerable and open to my overseers about my concerns and fears. As humans, we all face these situations and need accountability, mentorship, and leadership. 

Pertaining to task delegation, I choose to delegate tasks that I can complete myself. I am not afraid of confrontation and prefer to work side-by-side with my colleagues to advance our collaborative mission of the organization and its various tiers. 

Recognizing and rewarding contributions is important to me. Criticism alone fosters fear. Praise, on the other hand, fosters commitment to accomplishment and advancement. If you allow me to praise you, you will be praised. I believe that the most important job of any leader is to develop leadership among his/her people. I want every individual to feel proud of their contributions, understand how their efforts contribute to the overall mission of the department, and understand their livelihood and innovation will consequently influence other individuals and their surroundings. 

Delegating a task and then micromanage it isn’t right; I trust my peers but will verify. Adequate guidance and support will be provided. I am a leader who doesn’t know everything and can’t do it all. I have faults and limitations like anyone else and I am always willing to change for the better. I listen but and pay close attention to detail. 

I am patient. I am a team player. I am focused and driven. I am an entrepreneur. I am a teacher at heart. I am a proud continuous learner. I am an encourager. ‘Words of affirmation’ is my preferred method of expressing kindness and gratitude. I am compassionate. I am not afraid to apologize and own up to my errors. I forgive others. I am creative. I aim to reach beyond the standard set in place. I love people. I love my wife, my child, my family, my friends, and I love who God made me to be. I am a king and queen builder . . . I cultivate people to become leaders within their vocation. I am a leader.

Thank you for taking the time to read my leadership philosophy

Best regards,

José Valentino Ruiz-Resto, Ph.D.