Jim Walker, José Valentino Perform at Lee University

Lee University, Cleveland, TN hosts a monthly Performing Artist Series. On 10/21/2016, Dr. José Valentino Ruiz was a featured artist/composer & arranger. His composition, "Cuban Cha Cha", a composition from "We Are One: An Exploration of Latin American Music" adapted for Big Band was premiered featuring Legendary flutist, Jim Walker.

Performing Artists Series (10/21/2016) Renowned flutist, Jim Walker and Dr. José Valentino (Assistant Professor of Music Business & Latin GRAMMY Nominee) perform with the Lee University Jazz Ensemble, "Cuban Cha Cha" Special Guests include: Jesse Pitts - Drum set Bruno Miranda - Piano Composed by Dr. José V.

All-Star Group performed at Lee University's Performing Arts Series. Legendary flutist, Jim Walker (Piccolo) spoke of his brief encounter with Miles Davis. He paid tribute to the iconic jazz figure by performing his tune, "Solar." José Valentino performed as Music Director & Bassist, Bruno Miranda on Piano, and Jesse Pitts on Drums.