New Album Release - "We Are One" with Jim Walker

Iconic flutist, Jim Walker, is internationally recognized for his extraordinary ability to perform virtually any musical context with poise, vibrancy, and authenticity. His credentials include: former Principal flutist for L.A. Philharmonic, 600+ films, participated on two Miles Davis albums, band leader of Free Flight (jazz/classical fusion band), professor of flute at the Coburn School and USC Thornton School of Music at University of Southern California. He travels all over the world inspiring and cultivating flutists to become multi-faceted musicians, to appreciate the vastness of music in cultures, and to propel the flute to new musical heights.

In 2013, Jim became intrigued with the vast richness of diversity existing among Latin American cultures and the unity that is present among them. His acquisition of learning about the plethora of folkloric rhythms and stylistic variances of flute playing in Latin-based genres ignited a burning passion to embark on a musical project that would (1) portray the beauty, diversity, and unity of Latin American cultures; (2) display the integration of Latin cultures with other cultural regions (i.e. U.S.A., Middle East, Ireland, West African), and; (3) expand the repertoire of flute music to provide opportunity for Classical flutists to learn and appreciate flute music in ethno-musical contexts. To make this project a reality, Jim Walker teamed up with Puerto Rican composer/producer/flutist, José Valentino, to create 15 exciting cross-cultural compositions that encompasses a musical celebration of 20+ cultures from around the world supplemented with the technical demand of Classical music, rhythmic prowess of Afro-Latin American drumming, improvisational spirit of Jazz music, tinges of Middle Eastern, Irish, and Chinese musical phrasings, and the enthusiasm of two generations colliding as one spirit! Thus, the project was completed in 2016 and appropriately entitled: "We Are One: An Exploration of Latin American Cultures."

To increase the impact level of their mission, Jim Walker and José Valentino simultaneously released a play-along book containing the sheet music of the album's compositions and music so flutists and non-flutists can have the opportunity to learn and perform them in their own recitals. For more information, visit: and

PERSONNEL: Jim Walker (Piccolo, C flute, Alto flute, and Bass flute, Arranger)
José Valentino (C flute, Piano, Bass, Accordion, Turkish oud, Melodic percussion, Composer)
Jesse "La Clave" Pitts (Latin percussion, African percussion, Drums)
***Jonathan Hulett (Drums, Percussion - tracks 4, 10, 15)

PRODUCERS: Tito Ruiz, Kim McCormick, José Valentino, Jesse "La Clave" Pitts

MIXING ENGINEERS: Jesse Romero, Jim Walker, Giovanni Pérez


ARTWORK: Ron Pitts