2019 SAEE Research Impact Award Finalist

Surprised and elated to find out we (Nickolas Tomasello and Jose Valentino) have been selected as Finalists for the 'Research Impact Award' from the Society of Arts Entrepreneurship Education Conference for our research study, "The Teaching of Entrepreneurship in Applied Music Lessons." The conference will be held from October 17-19 at Iowa State University.

In the current music business, performing artists are not only expected to perform at a high level, but also to self-establish their brand, marketing strategy, and monetization for their services. This study analyzes the entrepreneurial teaching, as well as the general learning environment found in an applied lesson setting.

The design of this study is a multiple case study that gathered qualitative data from five applied lesson instructors and five music students using researcher-designed instruments (i.e., entrepreneurial pedagogy questionnaire (EPQ) to conduct semi-structured interviews with applied lesson instructors and students, entrepreneurial pedagogy journal (EPJ) to gather deeper insight of applied lesson instructors’ and students’ perceptions of readiness for the music industry and the dynamics of the applied lessons) and an observed applied lesson using field notes. After the data collection, triangulation was implemented (i.e., EPQ transcriptions, EPJ transcriptions, field note transcriptions, which were then coded to uncover sub-themes and themes.

The data revealed that there is conclusive entrepreneurial information found within the applied lesson setting. The entrepreneurial information did was not varied across disciplines (instrumental and vocal). In essence, the applied lesson instructors taught primarily two precursors that are important for developing students into successful musical entrepreneurs: musical proficiency and personal growth. Sub-themes and themes are presented to give greater insight of the results. Further discussion on the findings and implications for the teaching of entrepreneurship in applied lessons are offered in this document.

Entrepreneurship is necessary for most musicians, and other creative professionals, to be successful. Arts education in itself focuses heavily on the practice itself, not how to market the finished product. A combination of entrepreneurship and music education makes a career in the music industry much more feasible. This article highlights the relationship between these two elements.

Nothing like advising a former student's research and watching it blossom to new heights of influence and contribution to the field!

. . . Looking forward to presenting! . . .

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