José Valentino

Performer | Professor | Producer

"Ain't No Sunshine" 

The Profile Video

JVR Concerts - Promo Video

Here are a handful of videos of Jose Valentino's bands in concert! Jose Valentino is an in-demand performing artist who has performed in many prestigious music festivals in the country, as well as many universities and churches. 

Flute Solo 

"Saxy Hip Hop Sessions" (TRailer)

Encore song - ["Celebrate" & "We Are Family"]

Singing & Flute - African Song

Bass Guitar Solo

Acoustic Trio [Studio Recording]

Guest soloist with GRAMMY nominated vocalist, Dr. Bass and USF Chorale

Bass Guitar & Flute Solos

Live Concert at Lee University

Live at Carnegie Hall --- José Valentino [percussion solo] at '5 min. 14 sec.'

Tanglewood Jazz Festival---José Valentino [Flute]


Jose Valentino & Crossmatch Vamp - A dynamic & high-energy live band that performs an eclectic array of original Christian music for audiences within churches & religious functions. Music styles range from Hip Hop, E.D.M., Pop, Unplugged, Beatbox, Indie, Reggae, & World music.

Jose Valentino Band - Latin GRAMMY nominated & internationally recognized band for their multi-faceted musicianship and participatory musical engagement with audiences --- jazz festivals, secular festivals, Latin music festivals, T.V. appearances, educational conferences, universities, and so forth. The band plays originals & covers ranging from R&B, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Country, and more.

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